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    Application:LED replacement lamps General lighting,Architectural lighting Decorative lighting, Automotive lighting Feature:High luminous flux High efficacy,low LED droop Available in all CCTs and high CRI Low thermal resistance,high reliability Multi-Chip Solution
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    Detailed parameters
    Type Emission Color λd/Tc [nm/K] CRI IV [mcd] at IF[mA] VF[V] 2θ1/2 (typ.)[°] Power Download
    WR-EP8080UY-350LM-L40 Others 585-595 40-50 350 2.0-2.6 120 140 1W-10W Download
    WR-EP8080UB-350LM-L40 Blue 460-470 20-30 350 3.0-3.6 120 140 1W-10W Download
    WR-EP8080UE-350LM-L40 red 620-630 40-50 350 2.0-2.6 120 140 1W-10W Download
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